Looking for a Writer’s Blog?

vertical stack of stone booksSometimes the opportunity to publish a list of AMAZING blogs belonging to writers comes along, and I can’t resist. Below, you’ll find a list of blogs (note: some may be a bit risque) written by writers, please feel free to explore:

So, here’s a massive list of blogs for you to peruse. Review, visit, comment, and leave a link to your blog when you comment – because that’s how you build community.

Tell your friends. Share a blog post, or ask if you can write a guest blog on one of these blogs. Sometimes writers like to see what others offer. Invite a writer to guest post on your blog!

I’ll be posting another list of blogs in a few days — if I didn’t get your blog here, leave a comment with your blog link. We’ll post your value driven comments and you’ll have a link here too.