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Author Jan VerhoeffJan Verhoeff lives in Colorado, writes from the heart, and shares her world via the web. Okay… most of it. She maintains a few secrets that she reveals no-where. At least, she doesn’t reveal that they’re hers. Efforts at fiction writing/publishing seem to be thwarted by her business as a web designer/copywriter and business developer. She’ll help anyone pull a business together online and move their business from ‘want to do something’ to profit.

However, she has managed to publish a few fun books in the fiction, children’s genre and will share those here.

My Books

It's for the kidsJan Verhoeff is a full time mom, grandma, and loves family life. She’s managed to incorporate writing and her business into the developing process of living well. Life is precious and it gets better every day. Jan’s favorite things include autumn, snow, Christmas (she’s a fiend for decorations), and almost anything that includes her grandchildren. She’s turned ‘tea party’ into a tradition, and has enjoyed tea parties in person, or long distance over skype to Alaska. Nothing stops a good tea party!
“If it makes a memory, why not make it extra special?”

The best part of making memories is knowing that you’ll be part of their lives forever. Which, brings us back to writing… There are great reasons for writing books and selling them, but as a parent, grandparent, you should also be journaling your life in ways that your children will be able to savor and keep. They’ll treasure the pages of your journals, forever. Below you’ll find a list of links and places where you’ll find Jan’s books: Coaching Services

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