For Authors

man readingThe most difficult part of the writing process for many authors is after the book is done, selling it. We aim to make that process a lot easier right here on Refreshing Reads.

If you’re an author and you write good clean fiction, non-fiction or other varieties of books or publications, feel free to join our crew of authors.

You’ll be:

  • invited to fill out an author interview – we’d like to showcase your efforts.
  • invited to write blog posts occasionally (as often as you’d like until we get this going well).
  • invited to share your book and post your book links to help sell your books from our searchable site.
  • invited to write about the process of writing your books and participate in discussions with other authors.
  • invited to participate in promoting, marketing and getting the word out that this place exists.

(Note: We’ll be updating this as opportunities and ideas come along.)

Oh yes, share please!
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