Doug Simpson Presents “The Soul of Jesus”

The Soul of JesusAs part of His preparations for the long-prophesied birth of our Savior, God selected a devout group of primarily Jewish Essene to oversee this monumental undertaking. The Soul of Jesus delves into numerous details surrounding these readily-available but little-known preparations which preceded the birth of Jesus, and then carries on to share delightful snippets concerning the birth and life of Jesus before the commencing of His Ministry, Jesus’ Healing and other Miracles, His Apostles, relatives, friends and the group of seventy disciples, the Crucifixion and Resurrection, His activities after the Resurrection, and Jesus’ Ascension, that are not recorded in the Scriptures.

The surprises do not stop there. The Soul of Jesus saves the block-buster news until the very end.

About Doug Simpson

Doug SimpsonAn author, Doug describes himself as curious. He knows there’s more going on in the world than meets the eye, and he’s determined to find it. Can you blame him? With a world to research, and all of history written in the memes of authors the world over, there must yet be more to reveal. Simpson says, “Rejections and criticism create opportunities for improvement. Never give up on your dream.” 

Simpson writes when inspired, because, “It does not make sense to me to write if one is not motivated, so I wait for motivation to resurface.” Which might explain why he waited until he was 65 to write his first book, or it might simply be that the first book he wrote required a lifetime of research.

Whatever the reason – as a refreshing read – revealing the good nature of all that is important, The Soul of Jesus offers insight and thought. Perhaps you’ll find something of value inside these pages. Please do visit Doug Simpson on Facebook, or on his Blog.

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