Author Krystine Kercher

Author Krystine KercherKrystine Kercher was always more interested in creating artwork than writing. She dabbled in writing stories when she was in grade school, but although she did well in English and language classes throughout her schooling, Krystine never considered writing as a possible career until she turned thirty. After reading ‘Til We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis and having a series of incredibly vivid dreams, she became motivated to write fiction.

Krystine believes that God wants her to impact our world through story and art. She has published four YA fantasy books, and is currently polishing a fifth YA fantasy. She’s also experimenting with science fiction and steampunk.

As a graphic artist and fine artist, and independent editor, Krystine loves helping other authors publish their books in a variety of formats. She’s published a coloring for adults and contributed to the publishing of several children’s picture books and coloring books.

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Young Adult Fiction

A Shadow on the Land by Krystine Kercher

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A Shadow on the Land

Court politics and intrigue, hair-raising escapes

In the far north of Altesse, amid giants’ ruins and simmering volcanos, a shadow lies over the imperiled kingdom of Astarkand.

Carrying ancient relics, a blue-cloaked dragon knight has arrived in Hearthing. The minstrels give him a bigger swagger than he knows he deserves. The crown prince is furiously jealous of his fame and respect. The king secretly plots to bring him down while welcoming him at court. Does the dragon knight, Bjorn Horsa, have what it takes to outwit the king and save the kingdom, or did he just get lucky with the dragon?

Kingsride by Krystine Kercher

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Betrayal, romance, desperate measures

Vexed by Olaf’s craven departure for the realm beneath the lake, Bjorn Horsa turns to securing the fealty of his subjects and discovering the identity of the fair maiden who sang with the mermaids.

A malicious watcher stalks him, hounds his friends, aids his enemies, and inflicts distress and mayhem on the kingdom. Women raise armies. A faithless herald carries a forged will south giving Olaf’s son the kingdom. Bjorn hurries south to try to stop him.

The elven seer urges Bjorn to constant intercessory prayer, but the closer he draws to Hearthing, the more his prayers for peace and blessing go unanswered.

Eiathan's Heir by Krystine Kercher

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Eiathan’s Heir

Rebellion, sabotage, dragon flames, and frustration

In Hearthing, Bjorn Horsa has declared himself as Eiathan’s Heir and has taken control of the court as Astarkand’s new king, but fresh mayhem raises its ugly head in the nearby duchy of Firewind.

The Duchess of Firewind has fled to court, risking the king’s wrath to appeal for rescue for her city and her stepson Lythis, who has been captured by a rebellious barber backed by one of Woden’s priests. Time is running out.

Stalked by a shape-changing sorceress, will he be in time to rescue the Duchess of Firewind’s stepson, or will the barber sacrifice him on Woden’s Day?

Exile: Galthain's Bones by Krystine Kercher

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Exile: Galthain’s Bones

Adventure, treasure, danger

A seeress sends thirteen-year-old Bjorn Horsa across the desert to the ruins of Deathwater seeking treasure buried with his ancestor’s bones.

Follow Bjorn’s quest as he makes allies, receives unexpected aid, and encounters hidden treachery.

In the bonus story, The Wager, Bjorn and his cousins take on his older brothers in a a series of pranks culminating in a very rowdy game of War.

Who will win?


Children’s Books

Poodles at Play by Paula McGrew

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Poodles at Play

written by Paula Lynn McGrew
illustrated and formatted by Krystine Kercher

How many friends is enough?

Adventure awaits you with oodles of furry poodle friends in this cute book intended for reading aloud to children learning how to count.



Harold and Louise: Troll Trouble by Maria Kercher

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Harold and Louise: Troll Trouble

story and illustrations by teen author Maria Kercher
colored, formatted, and published by Krystine Kercher

A girl and her toy dragon go on an adventure in Dreamland where they come up with a creative solution to a village’s troll troubles!

With lots of colorful illustrations and a fun story line, your kids will love this book, and so will you!


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