Living the life in “Rivers of Wind”

Growing up in Southeastern Colorado gave me a cunning grip on the reality that the wind does blow. Rivers of Wind, written by Gary Penley revealed the paths of the wind. Escaping the wind was not an option. You survived it. You learned to thrive through it. Or you defied it. There was no escape.

From stories of growing up on the prairie, to lanterns about shipboard adventures, Gary Penley writes with an authority he learned well from the man who raised him. He called him Dad.

George BlizzardGeorge Blizzard was the fiercely determined man who conjured up a life on the prairie against the odds. He fought through the horrors of living on a land where strength and self-preservation were required, unappreciated, and often mistaken as bravado.

A stout man in his youth, Blizzard didn’t cotton to bullies and he eliminated a bully in my hometown. The cost ran cold in the dirt streets of cowtown, but rumors spread like wildfire. In the country, men heard of Blizzard, repeated his name, and  honored he man who had taken the bully down. Near half a century later, his name was still honored in our home.

A lifetime after that battle, my mother called one morning. “Jan, there’s a book signing in town. It’s Gary Penley, he wrote a book about growing up here, and George Blizzard. I want to go. Will you go with me?” I could hear the thrill in her voice. I couldn’t NOT attend this book signing, or reading. I had no clue who Gary Penley was, but I knew about George Blizzard.

Gary and Elaine Penley

Gary and Elaine Penley

I attended the book signing with my mother, and a good round number of the citizens of our fair community, including several of my favorite teachers. It seemed I was one of few who didn’t know Gary Penley. Although, I’m certain I’d heard his name before, and I did know he’d graduated from Lamar High School, I wasn’t familiar with him.

By the end of the evening, I’d been told many times, “You should look him up and get to know him. You’re a writer too, this would be an amazing connection for you.”

I took them all seriously, I met him that night. I introduced myself, and we’ve become friends through the years. Our worldviews are similar, and the connection we have as writers carries us places we might never have gone without it. But the one connection neither of us can break is the river of wind running through our heritage.

It’s there…

In the quiet hours of morning, or the stillness of dusk, I feel the chill. The river runs deep.

Visit Gary’s page on Amazon, buy his books. You’ll meet the kind of man that George Blizzard raised… A good one.

Always, I appreciate the friendship Gary Penley and I have built through the years. God bless you, my friend.

Revolutionize How You Work

The Fun FormulaA career is built upon everything you do. Your relationships. Your successes and failures. The personal growth you experience along the way.

And all of this is dependent on how you approach your work. Is it primarily a way to accumulate money and material goods? Or is it an extension of who you are, whatever the financial outcome?

My entire career is built upon following my heart and gut instinct. I find myself curious about a certain tech or tool, I experiment with it, I take risks and I trust the process to take me where I need to go.

While I have struck out more times than I can count, I’ve also been fortunate enough to hit more home runs than I ever thought I would!

Here’s the good news. I’ve reverse-engineered this process and have discovered the antidote to the “hustle and grind.”

It’s called The Fun Formula, and it’s the title of book #15 to be released by Thomas Nelson publishing house in June 2018!

Subtitled “How Curiosity, Risk-Taking, and Serendipity Can Revolutionize How You Work,” this title is my core message, and I believe it is my best work yet. And I measure that not by sales (because we haven’t made any yet), but because I believe this book is going to set many people free to do their best work and enjoy a higher quality of life.

The book just listed for pre-order on Amazon and I’d be honored if you would go place your order for a copy now, if you are so inclined!

I’ll be doing a significant book launch around this title and it’s going to be FUN for all who participate. After all, I am going to keep doing what I do!

I really can’t wait for you to get your hands on this one…

Joel Comm is a powerhouse speaker, writer, and business developer. He does what he does because it’s fun. If you’re looking for ways to have fun – you’ve found it.

Black Rock Redemption

Black Rock RedemptionFor thousands of years, the place called Blackrock has been avoided and considered evil and useless. One man, Ralph Masters, believed that nothing God has made is useless, it just takes a little outside influence sometimes to find the good. This applies to men as well as things. Before he could prove it, he died in a traffic accident, leaving his nephew, a drunken never-do-well, to prove his theory and maybe at the same time rehabilitate himself.

If you’re looking for the road to goodness, you might find it amid the symbolic methods of this writer’s story. A road made narrow, might entice you to pick up your bed and walk, as the blind right into a land of troubles… Where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

One lonesome night of reading through the words, gave this reader a grasp of the symbolic eternal life required to choose a better road. You might make the same choice too.

There’s more than one reason to turn the pages of this intriguing novel, and the deepset characters may be just the introduction… Storyline, descriptive places, and an opportunity to look beyond yourself and find R E D E M P T I O N.

Go the distance… Read this book.

Intriguing story. References to current day events and people brought the characters to life. I found myself visualizing the people in the book as people I know. The valley and the setting of the book are reminders of some of my favorite parts of the Rocky Mountains. I will definitely recommend Blackrock Redemption to my family and friends as a great book to read. I hope David Dockter writes more books! This was a good read.

Click on the photo to buy your own copy of Black Rock Redemption!

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not AloneThat moment when you can’t reach out and touch someone who knows your heart, who do you call?
The fear of being alone in this world can be crippling, if you let it. But there’s a better way.

So much life has passed through my years, and every bit of it meaningful, precious, and yes, even, lovely. I’ve had a good life. I experienced love in so many ways I can’t count them, and I’ve been loved by so many people, I don’t even remember all their names… The joy of being me is complete. I feel as if I’ve been loved ‘enough’ to live well, love back, and laugh my way into eternity with joy unspeakable. I’m blessed.

Inside those scriptures are directions. “Go forth from your country…”
Those weren’t the words my friend wanted me to see, but as hard as he pointed me toward the rest of the verse… those were the words I saw. Those were the words I read. And those were the words that stalled me out, kept me awake, and burned through my mind until I got up and found a tea bag and hot water this morning.

Do I bless others? How do I bless others? And the counting began… I thought of the many people whom I’ve assisted as they put their business together, or as they built their online connections, in my network, the people I’ve helped with graphics, or content, or whatever many ways I’ve helped others – professionally. But then, as I waited on God to show me something more… Because I knew there was more. There’s always MORE with God.

Dear Sarah by Don Stephens

Dear Sarah by Don Stephens“Where did they go? What have they done to me?” These are not just the words of Sarah Porter after having lost her husband and children. They are words soon to be echoed by family members throughout the world.

The event that unfolds in the pages of this book with terrify some, yet bring contentment to others. It is a fictional story, but the event described within WILL HAPPEN, and I believe DURING OUR LIFETIME.

What will happen? It is referred to by Christians as the RAPTURE of the Church, when all Christians are taken instantly to meet the Solid Rock – JESUS CHRIST – in the air. AND SO SHALL WE EVER BE WITH THE LORD.

Every Christian with an unsaved friend or family member should make this book a permanent part of their library.

READ IT NOW – before it’s too late!