It’s all about what you read

Do you fill your mind with motivated, inspirational reads, or junk? There are a lot of amazing novels out there that prove a point, drive the motivation home and lead you to achieve your goals – yeah, even fiction.

Think that’s pretty crazy?

Me too.

But I love to read. LOVE to read.

So, I’m always reading anything I can get my hands on and most of it’s pretty good.

Imagine for a moment, you’re caught up in the emotional fray of a bad romance, one person is slamming the other one’s head in the pavement, just beating the holy hell out of them, and as the story moves forward, the bad guy realizes that isn’t right. He starts trying to make amends and really, truly makes a difference in his own life, bringing his reality back to some saner moments and starts making up for all the wrong he’s done. Repentance is a sure footed event, when it happens. There is no doubt, the sinner has come to Jesus.

Are you coming 2But the story, the part of the book that brings you to your knees, to tears, and fills your heart with motivation, hope and inspired acceptance of this nasty, evil person is the realization that he’s as human as any other. There must be some good in him, because in the midst of all the evil you witnessed from him, you saw him be kind to a child. His kindness was almost unaccepted, due to the evil in his nature. But that one little, tiny moment of kindness, made this character acceptable as a part of the human race.

That’s the part of the book that is inspired.

Without that moment, the whole book would have been useless. Just another brutal force of reality hitting home with no justification, no righteous moments, and no redemption.

But a spark of right and goodness makes the whole book worth reading, and the character worthy of God’s precious grace. Aren’t you glad you read that part?

Forgiveness comes from such moments as these.

Maybe not in this lifetime.

But in the eternal existence that is our life, there can be forgiveness, because of moments such as these.