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Refreshing readsWhenever we take time to sit back, put our feed up with our favorite beverage, we want a book so compelling we can’t put it down. We want a book that demands we read another page. And those are the books we share here!

Take us to places we’ve never been, to learn about things we’ve never known, to be with people we’ve never known, and show up your soul. We want to feel like we’re part of the book. Come along and join us as we venture into the BEST reads of the year, right here on Refreshing Reads.


Abused Trust by Geoffrey Tigg

The Painting by Geoffrey Tigg

The Myth of Kukulkan by Geoffrey Tigg

Eye for an Eye by Geoffrey Tigg

Sliammon Escudo by Geoffrey Tigg

A Shadow on the Land by Krystine Kercher

Kingsride by Krystine Kercher

Eiathan's Heir by Krystine Kercher

Exile: Galthain's Bones by Krystine Kercher

Poodles at Play by Paula McGrew

Harold and Louise: Troll Trouble by Maria Kercher

 Above, you’ll find out books, and all the refreshing reads we recommend on our site.

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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not AloneThat moment when you can’t reach out and touch someone who knows your heart, who do you call?
The fear of being alone in this world can be crippling, if you let it. But there’s a better way.

So much life has passed through my years, and every bit of it meaningful, precious, and yes, even, lovely. I’ve had a good life. I experienced love in so many ways I can’t count them, and I’ve been loved by so many people, I don’t even remember all their names… The joy of being me is complete. I feel as if I’ve been loved ‘enough’ to live well, love back, and laugh my way into eternity with joy unspeakable. I’m blessed.

Inside those scriptures are directions. “Go forth from your country…”
Those weren’t the words my friend wanted me to see, but as hard as he pointed me toward the rest of the verse… those were the words I saw. Those were the words I read. And those were the words that stalled me out, kept me awake, and burned through my mind until I got up and found a tea bag and hot water this morning.

Do I bless others? How do I bless others? And the counting began… I thought of the many people whom I’ve assisted as they put their business together, or as they built their online connections, in my network, the people I’ve helped with graphics, or content, or whatever many ways I’ve helped others – professionally. But then, as I waited on God to show me something more… Because I knew there was more. There’s always MORE with God.

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