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Introducing eBook Bargains Today!

ebook bargains todayDo you have an ebook you’d like to promote and no idea where to go? Just recently one of our marketing editor/authors took on the book promotion site, and has started slipping in new promotions, marketing ideas, contests, and tempting little games to bring in new authors, and readers to her site. We got all excited and decided to regenerate our promo package, and reviews here on and the end result has been a collaborative effort. While Krystine Kercher stamps her mark of approval on ebook bargains, we decided to start posting our reviews with links for book buyers over here, too. But, it would be redundant if the only books we post here, are books posted on the eBBT.

So here’s the deal…

We’ll be posting our reviews here at Refreshing Reads, along with links, excerpts about the author and the book from the site, and wherever relevant, we’ll toss you links to the discounted prices over at eBBT. Best of both worlds? Of course, no matter where you buy your books, whether it’s recommended right here at Refreshing Reads, or over at the eBook Bargains site, you’ll know you’re getting books that have already been READ TESTED By some of the best readers on the planet, because we love to read, and we LOVE to share our views of books we read.

eBook Bargains Today

Don’t miss an opportunity to pick up some books, add to your collection and share those reviews if you’d like. Remember, we still publish reviews by others here too. If the book is already in our blog list, just post your review in the comments. If not, feel free to submit a review to our webmaster!

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